The Beauty of Stitching is Open!

It was with very little fanfare that I opened my Etsy store on the 27 of August! It happened so quickly and unexpectedly that I didn’t even realise I had reached one of my goals until just now.

Late in the evening of the 27th I thought I would go into Etsy to see what I would need to do to open a store. Next thing I know I had done it. It isn’t exactly polished and there are only 2 patterns available. Over the next few weeks I’ll try to add more to it. I have a few little designs underway.

I am back!

It’s been a long time since I posted or spent anytime on my “Chanda Belle” activities. I had a few good reasons… but the most important one was that I was busy adding a new member to our little family.

Things are settling down now and I feel inspired to create a few beautiful things. Here is a sneak preview of my latest creation… under the working title “3 sisters”.

I’ll be back with more soon!

Plans for 2010

It’s been quiet here for the past couple of months. I expect there will soon be a little more activity.

2010 should be a big year for Chanda Belle. I have 2 commissions to work on. Well, I call them commissions because it sounds important… I volunteered to do a couple of designs for some good friends. One is for a wedding and the other for a blackwork class. I also hope to finish designing and stitching models of a couple more patterns. If I find the time I also plan to try my hand at sketching simple line drawings and learn how to embroider. Then there is a design I promised for another friend and I vaguely remember owing 2 pay it forward things, possibly 3 for other friends.

On a more practical side, I’ve been doing some research about how to make my patterns available online. So far I’ve found nothing I am happy with. This is no big concern, since I don’t have many patterns to share yet. My researching will continue throughout 2010.

The world is a big beautiful place

Not many people know that I’ve taken up designing as a new hobby. I was just discussing this with a friend when she said something I do not want to forget… Such conversations are rare but they are needed now and then. Somehow they clear my mind.

After visiting the online Needle Show I was feeling a little discouraged. There are so many beautiful designs out there that it almost feels like there is no room for any more. Who am I to be adding to the wonderful range of designs that are already in existence?

Thats when Bek said “The world is such a big place, filled with so much interesting and beautiful, even though there’s so many designers there’s always something left to be designed.”

Thank you Bek for your words. This is something we should all remember!

NaNoWriMo 2009

Tomorrow is the start of NaNoWriMo 2009. I won’t actually be writing a novel in the normal sense of the word. I intend to use the motivation to post about my past projects.

Writing a summary of my finished projects has been a regular item on my to-do list. I intend to cross this item off my list by the end of November. Over the next 30 days I shall post about most of my finished projects, maybe even all of them. Assuming I can remember them all. LOL

If I find the time and inspiration I may even have a go at writing a short story about cross-stitching.

Ready, set, go…

Joy to the World is done!

It was a quick stitch… I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to finish it on time. In the end I was done on Saturday night. Quite happy with it. As it turned out the gold was not too yellow. I ended up adding brown to the pattern to stitch the worlds in, this made them stand out more.

After that I quickly updated the charts and added them to the patterns. Now I just wait and see if the ladies doing the class at Territory Craft enjoy stitching them. I hope they do!

First banner!

I’ve created the first banner that will be used for Chanda Belle. Its a simple backstitched pattern. I guess it could be classified as blackwork.

Chanda Belle... First banner!

The flower and scripted writing also serve as the basis for the current logo.

Chanda Belle! First logo...

I like the simplicity of the design. When the idea of designing my own patterns came to me I spent months trying to decide on a name and a logo. Now I have both… Its an event to be celebrated.

I am off to go get myself a cup of tea… and some chocolate!


My idea is to give myself a long period of time to play around with designing and stitching my own patterns before I share them. I figure a good date will be 11.11.11.

Ideas and plans are all well and good… then opportunity comes knocking. I was chatting with my good friend Bonnie when she mentioned she is looking for biscornu charts to use in a cross-stitch class she is teaching for Territory Craft on the 20th and 27th of October. Before I had a chance to even think about it, I had offered to let her use a couple of the charts I’ve been working on. Read: had some vague ideas in my head and doodles on the borders of a notebook that I would at some undefined time in the far distant future, maybe one day, turn into a biscornu pattern. Now I have a little less than a week to chart & stitch them.

I am coming out of the closet much sooner than I had intended… but who can pass up an opportunity like this?

The Start

I’ve setup this journal to track and share my adventures in the world of cross-stitching and any other crafts that I may take up in the future.

I’ve been stitching since April 2003. Unlike other hobbies that came and went, it seems that cross-stitching is here to stay. I’ll share my first project and it’s story in a future post.

Over time I discovered that my favourite patterns are samplers. I’ve been dreaming of designing beautiful and complex samplers for years. For now, I content myself with stitching a sampler per year. I’ll share pictures of those with you as well.

Since I become a full time working mother I haven’t had much time for myself or for my stitching. As illogical as this may sound, the lack of time actually encouraged me to start designing simple patterns. Designs which I can work on during those rare and brief moments of quiet time. I hope to make most of them available once I have 6 patterns that I am happy with and figure out how to do it.

I intend to post once or twice a month to share pictures and news about my crafty projects. Don’t be surprised if some cooking, writing or photography sneaks in now and then.

Let the fun begin!