Not Dead Just Lonely

No this is not a reflection of my status… I am very much not lonely. A friend asked me to share something I wrote. I haven’t written in a very long time. And none of what I have written has been edited. Below is a first draft of a short story that I wrote in May of 2004. Not edited… Including some technical/type inconsistencies which I wont mention as they would spoil the story.

I have been busy taking care of myself and family. I hope to soon have the energy to resume designing and stitching. Who knows, maybe even writing. Winter is coming and its the time to craft and create.

Not Dead, Just Lonely
By Chanda Paulo

Its good to feel life returning to my limbs after a hard winter. This winter felt particularly long and cold. I am not sure if it was the loneliness or just that I am getting old. All those I loved are no longer with me, I am alone. Continue reading