TIP: Avoiding Frogs

No, I am not talking about the croaking kind… I am talking about those times when you’ve been happily stitching and then you realise you made a mistake and need to rip out the last minutes or even hours worth of stitches. So what can you do to avoid frogging?

  1. Count, count, count and then count again before you start a new section or motif. Once you’ve placed the first stitch… you guessed it… count again.
  2. Are you sitting there stitching and thinking you should be doing something else? Drop that needle and go do it. Once you’ve done it… reward yourself with some stitching time! Its not something I like to admit but the vast majority of my frogging could be avoided by following this simple and unpopular tip.

Got any tips of your own for how to avoid the dreaded frog?