Needle in a Haystack

Needle in a haystack is the thought that kept going through my mind as I looked for my lost needle this past weekend. Completely ignoring my own tips for stitching with toddlers in the house I left my current project out. I was only going to be away from it for a few minutes after all. A few minutes turned into the rest of the afternoon.

As we were putting my daughter to bed I noticed that my stitching project had been messed with. A quick check detected the missing needle. Calling my daughter over I pointed at where the needle had been and asked if she knew were it was now. She helpfully told me “Gone”.

Now having confirmation that she had indeed played with it, I asked if she could find it. She helpfully looked around and found me some dog hairs on the carpet.

After I had her in bed, it was time for a more through search. Armed with a mini torchlight I searched on hands and knees around my toddlers favourite hang outs. I found many more dog hairs, a few beads and eventually I spotted the missing needle right in the middle of one of the main activity areas of our apartment. Relieved I had found the needle I promised myself to put a little bit more effort into practicing what I preach… I did only have 1 needle out and no scissors… but leaving the project out when I stopped working on it was a big no-no, not to be repeated again!