Miracle and Pu-erh

I am not sure what I did right today… a miracle happened and both my girls are napping at the same time (2years-10months and 3months old). They’ve mastered sleeping overnight in the same room… now with a bit of luck nap time is heading that way too.

The husband and dog are out on a bike ride. That means some rare quiet time for me!

I am taking the time to enjoy a cup of pu-erh tea, a slice of banana bread and a read of 1001 ways to relax (thanks Bonnie!). Pu-ehr is Sherlock Holmes tea of choice. I like to think that its named after the sound people make when they first try it… its like the Guinness beer of teas.

After I finish my cup of tea… I’ll be stitching on one of my long ignored WIPs:

This is the one I picked up as my WIP Wednesday UFO. I am ashamed to say that I had to clean out the spiderwebs before I could actually work on it… The piece is Summer in My Garden by Mirabilia.

3 thoughts on “Miracle and Pu-erh

  1. Oh that is gorgeous! I miss stitching too much but somehow never have time for it. Lately, I get too much satisfaction from finishing chairs I guess. Hopefully this winter I can get my needles smoking again!


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