Crowdsource Blackwork Pattern!

Kim posted the final Crowdsource Blackwork Pattern update. Lot’s of great little designs… go check it out!

More Crowdsource fun – Blackwork Scarab Beetle

Kim hinted at a need for more insects in the Blackwork Crowdsource project.

I decided to try to design an insect and added the extra challenges that it needs to fit into the frame provided for the project and only uses vertical, horizontal and 45 degree lines. This was the result, a blackwork scarab beetle (inside the Crowdsource project frame):

Not bad for my first attempt at designing an insect!

Blackwork Crowdsource Fun

Last week while randomly clicking through blackwork sites I came across STRING OR NOTHING. The wonderful lady that owns this blog had the idea to make a Blackwork Crowdsource project.

I immediately put pen to paper or should I say needle to thread? Actually I did it all on the computer… so fingers to keyboard and hand to mouse? It just doesn’t sound the same! Anyway, I quickly came up with these 2 little motifs to fit in the frame provided for the project.

The first one was a cross doodle type design, which Kim named Mesmer-Flower a mind bending cross-style flower – love the name! The second is an anchor, inspired by the nautical sub-theme within the project itself and by the fact that I was watching Deadliest Catch at the time I was designing these two motifs.

The two little designs have now been added to the main project. Lots of pretty little motifs to stitch up on that project… go take a look! While you are there, checkout the amazing blackwork samplers Kim creates.