Blackwork Crowdsource Fun

Last week while randomly clicking through blackwork sites I came across STRING OR NOTHING. The wonderful lady that owns this blog had the idea to make a Blackwork Crowdsource project.

I immediately put pen to paper or should I say needle to thread? Actually I did it all on the computer… so fingers to keyboard and hand to mouse? It just doesn’t sound the same! Anyway, I quickly came up with these 2 little motifs to fit in the frame provided for the project.

The first one was a cross doodle type design, which Kim named Mesmer-Flower a mind bending cross-style flower – love the name! The second is an anchor, inspired by the nautical sub-theme within the project itself and by the fact that I was watching Deadliest Catch at the time I was designing these two motifs.

The two little designs have now been added to the main project. Lots of pretty little motifs to stitch up on that project… go take a look! While you are there, checkout the amazing blackwork samplers Kim creates.