New Theme and Stitching

Major online time suck this weekend! I spent a fair amount of time changing the theme template on this journal, I wanted to have 3 columns so I can share lots of pictures and links. Then I figured out how to add a page for Chanda Belle to Facebook and to link it to this journal so that post updates show up.

In between family activities I also managed to select the colours for my current creation:

And I made a start on it… Here is a teaser of “Stitching”:

I am back!

It’s been a long time since I posted or spent anytime on my “Chanda Belle” activities. I had a few good reasons… but the most important one was that I was busy adding a new member to our little family.

Things are settling down now and I feel inspired to create a few beautiful things. Here is a sneak preview of my latest creation… under the working title “3 sisters”.

I’ll be back with more soon!

Porcelain Flowers – selecting colours

January and February found me busy working on a 15-sided biscornu. I named it porcelain Flowers, I wanted it to look a little like those antic fine porcelain items that look very pretty and we are never 100% sure what their use is. All decorated with flowers and sparkling.

It can be very difficult to select colours for a project. This one was specially difficult since it was intended for my brother and his then fiancé, now wife! They wanted something with light blue in it.

I went through 3 coulor schemes before I finally settled on the right colours.

First I had what I still think would have looked best for this design salmon and cream fabric with tender early spring thread colours:

Then I heard my brother and his bride like blue, so I tried out something with a blue fabric. That really didn’t work for this design:

After sleeping on it several nights I remembered I had some sparkling fabric. I added more blue to the thread selection and I had it!

The final result looked nothing like my original intention. It was a challenging project because of the colour restrictions and the new finishing technique. Here is the finished result:

What’s next? Baby things!

Well… apart from needing to put in a bit of effort into getting this journal looking a little better, I am also going to finish the project I had been working on before the mad rush to get the 2 biscornu patterns ready on time for the Territory Crafts cross-stitch class.

The project that was put on the back burned was the Baby Checkered Alphabet. I am in love with this simple alphabet that allows me to easily and quickly stitch baby things. As a model I am working on a gift for a friend who had a baby a few months ago. Its a bib with her daughters name on it. The flash is making the colours look a little faded… but you should be able to get an idea of what it looks like.

Preview Checkered Alphabet

It’s so much fun selecting colours to stitch the letters. All these bright colours which I wouldn’t normally use together in any of the “grown up” patterns are perfect for baby things. My own baby girl keeps reaching over wanting to have a play with the brightly coloured letters!

I have a few more ideas for baby patterns which makes me wonder if I should re-organise my DMC threads into adult and baby colours? *wink*

Sneak Preview: Joy To The World colours

Colours preview of Joy To The World

These are the colours I intend to use when I stitch the model for Joy To The World. The “gold” is looking a little too yellow. I’ll give it a chance and see how it stitches up.