Porcelain Flowers – selecting colours

January and February found me busy working on a 15-sided biscornu. I named it porcelain Flowers, I wanted it to look a little like those antic fine porcelain items that look very pretty and we are never 100% sure what their use is. All decorated with flowers and sparkling.

It can be very difficult to select colours for a project. This one was specially difficult since it was intended for my brother and his then fiancé, now wife! They wanted something with light blue in it.

I went through 3 coulor schemes before I finally settled on the right colours.

First I had what I still think would have looked best for this design salmon and cream fabric with tender early spring thread colours:

Then I heard my brother and his bride like blue, so I tried out something with a blue fabric. That really didn’t work for this design:

After sleeping on it several nights I remembered I had some sparkling fabric. I added more blue to the thread selection and I had it!

The final result looked nothing like my original intention. It was a challenging project because of the colour restrictions and the new finishing technique. Here is the finished result: