Stitching Please Wait

Stitching, Please WaitThe “Stitching, Please Wait” pattern would make a wonderful gift for a fellow stitcher or for you. Finish it as a small pin cushion, as a coaster or place it in a small frame…

I designed this piece originally as a gift for a good friend of mine, also a fellow stitcher.

Fabric: suitable for aida, linen or even weave.
Stitches: cross stitch only
Pattern size: 54 x 54 stitches

9.8 x 9.8 cm (14-count aida, 28-count linen)
8.6 x 8.6 cm (16-count aida, 32-count linen)
7.6 x 7.6 cm (18-count aida, 36-count linen)

Model Details: Stitched on Raw 36 count Zweigart Edinburgh linen, using 2 strands of floss for all stitching. Using red/browns floss colour scheme. Stitched model was finished as a coaster.

Feel free to adapt the colours to fit your computer colour scheme!

The pattern is available for immediate download through my Etsy store:

  • The listing is for a PDF file of the pattern, not the finished product.
  • The file includes: both black and white and colour charts, DMC floss legend and 2 alternative colour schemes (red/browns and blue/grays).
  • Accepted payment method is Paypal.


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