Taxes 0 : Stitching 1

A good friend came by for a visit this morning. On impulse we took a trip to the Zweigart factory outlet. It is a wonderful place which always hurts my credit card.

This time I showed amazing self control and did not purchase any linen. Instead I got some hoops, fabric edging and mats to finish my smaller designs. The yarn will be used for some other craft project that is in the works. My only indulgence was a piece of dusty blue aida for 1 EUR. This will also be put to good use for one of my designs.

All in all it was a worthwhile trip… no unnecessary purchases. Honestly, I should have been finding those tax papers. While I wasn’t exactly stitching, this is stitching related, so the score is

Taxes 0 : Stitching 1

Now I’d best go find those papers.