Another one bytes the dust! and TIP

Last night my main computer got slower and slower. By this morning it was very sick indeed. Constantly crashing… and sometimes it hangs at start up. The main volume isn’t always available. It looks like we need to get a new disk for it. Hopefully our data backup system will come to the rescue and I have not lost anything important.

Until we get a new disk and I have everything running again there will be no designing, at least not on the computer.

Karma was not my friend and I guess I am paying for yesterdays procrastination trip to Zweigart. The score is now:

Taxes 1 : Stitching 1

No computer did mean I spent sometime going through my paperwork. I only need to locate another 2 documents.

Given that my computer time is restricted, I’ll put the extra time towards:

  1. Finding the last 2 documents needed to file our taxes… then a lot of scanning will be needed before we sent it all in.
  2. Finishing the models for my current 2 designs under the needle.
  3. Working on some of my neglected WIPs… not quite UFOs yet but getting close.
  4. Organising my desk and shelves.

On a more positive note: a package arrived today containing some more finishing items and new skeins of DMC310. I never thought I’d ever run out of black thread!

Today’s TIP: Back up your computers!