Stitching on holiday

imageThis week my stitching place is the stuff of dreams. Beautiful view, great light during the day and a lamp for when it gets dark. A fireplace to keep me warm – there is actually snow outside despite it being May. Between the view and the fire, it’s a wonder I am getting any stitching done at all.

Lately I have been working on keeping life simple. With that in mind, instead of bringing a larger more complex project with me on holiday I went with something simple and easy.

For my project this holiday I am working on the model for a bookmark. My stitching packing list was:

  • Pattern
  • Aida
  • The 3 colors used in the project
  • 1 contrasting color for the grid – I could have brought only the 3 colors but the habit of using a contrasting color for the grid is too ingrained in me.
  • 3 needles – somehow I always break needles
  • My trusty scissors – I make sure to pack them in the checkin luggage
  • Dental floss – not only good for keeping my teeth and gums healthy but also great to cut threads if I want to stitch on the airplane.


Since it’s a small narrow and stiff piece of Aida I don’t need a frame. This is such a change from past trips when I brought along large projects with complex charts and many color changes. In the end I didn’t stitch at all because it was too much trouble to get my project out and set up.

This time, it all fits in a small pouch and I can easily carry it along with me wherever we go… So I am actually stitching whenever I am in the mood for it!