Happy Mother’s Day and Keep Calm WIP

imageWe’ve had quite an eventful and busy week. Some scary moments like when we had to take my youngest daughter to the hospital after a fall (she is now fine) and some truly magnificent moments of fun… hiking, laughing and sharing good food with great company.

I did find some odd moments to stitch. Like now, I just finished packing for the next part of our holiday and everyone is sleeping. I’ve been saving my little serving of Bowmore Gold Reef single malt whiskey and 2 squares of dark chocolate all night so I could enjoy them mindfully at the end of the evening. You can’t see the chocolate in the picture because I ate it already… The whiskey, I am sipping slowly, it’s so smooth!

I don’t make a habit of drinking… And specially not of drinking and stitching. However, some occasions call far a little something special.

The picture also shows my current WIP, which is also my latest design: Keep Calm and Read On. It’s a nice easy stitch… Perfect holiday project.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. Hope you make the time in your busy day to truly enjoy a moment for yourself. Those are the moments that re-energize you and allow you to see the beauty in everyday life.