Quality time with my WIPs

Having finished the 2 pieces from the previous posts, I am now enjoying some quality time with my WIPs. That is, if & when I get a chance. Most evenings I am far too tired… either from work, little_monkey or running. Its a wonder I find the time and energy to even look at a needle.

Blackwork SAL: This is a blackwork sampler that was released in 7 parts in the magazine The Gift of Stitching. I am up to part 7. I wanted to finish it in 2009… it didn’t happen. I work on it on weeknights. It gets maybe 10 to 20minutes action each night.

Game Board Sampler: Every year I stitch a sampler by The Drawn Thread. For 2010, I selected a simple one… only cross stitch. Lets see if I finish it. At the moment I work on this one only on weekends and public holidays.

I also have 3 other WIPs, which have not been touched since before my last WIP list in November 2009:

4 Agreements Bookmark: A mix of an online goddess freebie pattern and wording/alphabet by me. This is my traveling project. Although we have actually traveled quite a bit, I’ve worked on a few other small projects instead (bibs for my daughter) so it has seen very little progress. I did put a few stitches in it while I was in labour, way back in January of 2009. I’ll take it along for the next trip. Shouldn’t be hard to finish.

Summer in My Garden: By Mirabilia, I am still very happy with how the face turned out, even after a year. I did start working on the tree leaves. Not much progress though… I am starting to feel inspired to restart on this one again. But it will have to wait until I am done with the Blackwork Sampler SAL.

Medieval Town Mandala: By Châtelaine Designs. This project was stained with wood varnish due to negligence on my part some years ago. I rescued it by bleaching the stains off and then tea staining it to hide the bleached spots. I am holding on to it to see how the fabric survives the treatment. Last time I checked it looked OK. I may still decide to frame the part thats done and not take any chances. Anyway, I’ll decide what to do with it once Summer in My Garden is done. So I have plenty of time before I need to make a decision.

2 thoughts on “Quality time with my WIPs

  1. Hi Chanda,

    I am excited to see you are working on my blackwork sampler. It looks beautiful !!

    Thank you !



    1. Thanks! How exciting to get a comment from the actual designer of the blackwork sampler! It’s been a real pleasure stitching it over the past year.


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